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How to Lose Weight for Kids, the easy way?

Kids get crazy by their interactions with friends and develop a myth on how to lose weight for kids? They presume that more the exercises they do, the easier for them to lose weight. And longer the exercises, quicker the results. But these perceptions are far from true. Limited and correct exercises done daily bring about lasting weight loss so long as you are conscious controlling your diet as a way of life. But children understanding them seriously is difficult. Only you parents have to take the reins without making them feel the pressure, if possible, by convincing them of the benefits. For accurate and healthy results, consulting a health personnel and a nutritionist would be better.

How To Lose Weight For Kids

The different ways:  First make your children aware of the immense benefits weight loss brings in. When you lose weight and waist inches, you look smarter, more energetic, muscular and lean and light, able to move faster and better. You set some modest goals so you lose, say 2-3 pounds a week. But remember, weight loss of a growing child should not be at the cost of the natural growth. So reduction in weight should not be to the extent of thwarting their growth.

Nutritious diet: This one is the cornerstone of your weight loss effort. It should neither add to your obesity, nor cause weakness on your physique. It should be one keeping you active and healthy. As the day opens with a breakfast, it is expected that it helps you regulate your food needs for the whole day, keeping you energetic. Avoiding breakfasts can lead to erratic consumption of food, breaking your schedule. You can consume fats like desserts, icecream and sweets in moderation and occasionally. But junk food is not good. Instead, take some healthy, low calorie snacks such as fruit, vegetables, whole grains and yogurt.

A good habit is to list out your menu, and eat the items so that on review, you come to know what items are to avoid and what more are to add. Consumption of limited amount of soda is permissible on doctor’s advice. Beware it contains more calories. Avoid taking food or snacks before bedtime as digestion is slower then.

Drink more water, if possible with lemon juice, as it suppresses appetite and hastens weight loss process. However, avoid other fruit juices and sugary drinks. These are more relevant when you do exercises.

Exercises for How to lose weight for kids?: Indulging in physical activities forms a key to your weight reduction effort.

  • It can be anything from playing football or soccer, basketball, field and track events, jumping jack, swimming and running to dancing to kids’ gymnastics. As you continue doing any of these, you will know the progress they give you.
  • Further, run or jog for 20-30 minutes a day.
  • Do pushups and situps each 25 a day for getting enough arm strength and stomach tightening.
  • Do the exercises till you sweat because it is an indication that you are burning calories and fat.
  • No shortcuts are available for achieving weight loss.
  • You have to be strong-willed, patient and persevering. Don’t allow petty disturbances to distract you from your schedules, be they food habits or exercise charts.

Parents’ role: Either don’t keep junk foods at home, or keep them away from the sight of kids. Restrict giving pocket money to kids so that they forbidden from spending on junk foods. Prepare only nutritious meals with vegetables, fruits and grains. Encourage your kids to play and walk long distances in your company.

For achieving weight loss, fasting or starving is not the way. Instead of helping you with weight loss, it will weaken you sooner, even retarding your growth.

Overcoming peculiar situations: When kids’ growth and the need for weight reduction go hand in hand, you may not know the weight loss that might have really occurred, but not perceptibly felt against your natural growth. So, in order for knowing the real position, consult your doctor. Before meals, you take good amount of water so it restricts your food intake. You can add some flavors or lime juice to such water.

If you feel you must eat something at any time, take some healthy snacks only, though fat-rich items are permitted in moderation, that too occasionally.  Avoid aiming for magical or sudden weight loss as it will be counter-productive. When you go to gym for exercises, avoid difficult and hard exercises like weight-lifting  as they will harm you.

Taking weight loss drugs and supplements is not a healthy idea unless recommended by physicians. They are not found effective and hence are rare.

Have sound sleep at night. Avoid day hour sleeping as it will only push up your weight gain.

Kids need 9.30 to 11.30 hours of sleep. Keep yourself always engaged either in studies or in playing so that you don’t get bored or tempted to eat junk foods.

In fine, weight loss for kids is a combination of healthy diets, exercises, good disposition, parents’ support and guidance, all done with patience, perseverance and understanding.

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