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How to Lose Weight in 30 Days in Simple Ways

How to lose weight in 30 days? is not a utopian dogma. It’s definitely achievable when you adopt appropriate measures in systematic ways. People who are obese, fat and overweight, will find it hard to move about, will become tired sooner than others, and will be more susceptible to diseases such as diabetes, heart ailments, hypertension, high blood pressure, and strokes. In short, overweight is a silent killer. But it is not all that a hopeless situation. The extra weight, the root cause of all serious diseases, can be brought down, controlled and maintained at the permissible level in easy ways. For this, do exercises, take restricted balanced and nutritious diets adopting simple lifestyle. Here are the tips. In this, getting to know the Body Mass Index as the reference point is crucial.

Body mass index, being a measure of your height and weight, has a definite bearing on your body weight as the formula indicates. If your BMI is 20-25, you are considered thin; if 25-30, you are normal or medically fit; and whey you exceed 30, you are obese and vulnerable to all life-threatening diseases. So, you become exercised with how to lose weight in 30 days? and if possible, even earlier. But understand, there is no magic or miracle that can bring about weight loss in a trice. Your weight gain has happened gradually over time, but unknowingly for you, so weight loss also will occur only gradually taking some time.

How to Lose Weight in 30 Days

How to lose weight in 30 days

This is a tricky process with a judicious blend of various measures- Exercises, nutritious and balanced diet, simple lifestyle and avoidance of fatty substances. Purely science-based, the above steps are recommended by physicians and nutrition experts. So, they are safe and sure to help you achieve weight loss.

Exercises: Walking, running, jogging, swimming, doing gymnastics, playing football/soccer, basketball, athletics, and cycling are part of these exercises. You can choose any one or more of them and engage yourself daily for about 2 hours. They burn your fat and extra calories ridding you of accumulation of fat in your body. You can fix the workouts based on your weight and age.

Eating more vegetables and fruits: Vegetables have vitamins, fiber and proteins which make you healthy. Steamed vegetables with rich nutrition, high fiber and low calories help you lose weight, and look fit and energetic. So eat them more, reducing rice intake.

Similarly, fruits contain vitamins, fibers, proteins and carbonates with high nutrition levels which all help make you to be healthy and mitigate the appetite paving less consumption.

Herbal or green tea: Antioxidants present in herbal tea help not only in burning calories, but also in displacing harmful toxins and nitrogenous waste from the body, leading to weight reduction. Easily available in all stores, this herbal tea gives maximum benefits when consumed without sugar.

Say goodbye to snacks: Though snacks refill you with energy then and there, they are a great source for gaining extra calories, fat and weight. Their frequent consumptions lead you to grow shapeless creating ugly looks. So, you would do well to avoid snacks such as burgers, cookies and finger chips.

Shun sugar: Sugar aids fat formation and weight gain. So take drinks without sugar as a way of life.

Reduce salt (sodium) intake: Salt is known to retain water in the body. When consumed more, it helps more water to stay on in the body giving rise to weight gain. So, follow the rule-less salt means less weight gain, and hence consume less of sodium.

Avoid carbonated beverages: Rich in calories, carbonated  drinks like packed juices and fizzy drinks aid in weight gain. They are to be avoided. You can instead take organic fruit juices which are rich in nutrition but less in calories.

No fast foods: Junk foods and fast foods carry with them large amount of calories. Eating them results in more calories and fat in the body leading to heavy weight gain. So, desist from taking such foods to see faster weight loss results.

Always be active: Don’t confine yourself to armchair, watching TV or playing computer games. Idle, static life facilitates easy weight gain. Avoid using elevators and escalators so that you

you can move around giving movements to your body parts. Walking after meals is a good exercise. Weight loss drugs and supplements are neither effective nor desirable when you are serious about how to lose weight in 30 days in simple ways?

Be natural sticking to natural products. Have good sleep for about 8-10 hours with minor variations. Avoid sleeping during day hours as no activity and hence no burning of fat and calories occurs during that period.

Understand that shedding weight all too soon is a far cry. While the weight building process is gradual, so is the weight loss process also. But when you are patient, focused, and systematic, you are sure to discover the process of weight loss starting to occur in you in a span of 30 days. That is great success.

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