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Know the extreme weight loss methods people follow

Losing weight is all about planning. In case one is obese and has lot of pounds to shed, he or she faces more challenges. It means you are in for a long game. But there are people who are disgusted with their condition and want to lose weight very fast and never mind resorting to extreme weight loss methods that include surgical methods for weight loss and weight loss by drugs. Read on the article to know about these in details.

What are Extreme Weight Loss Methods?

The best way to shed pounds is to make healthy food choices and to burn more calories than one takes. Generally, people burn around 1500 calories while at rest and one of the extreme methods of losing weight is to take a very low calorie diet much below than this level. No exercise is usually recommended when people stays on low calorie diet. The other of methods includes special surgeries and taking diet pills for losing weight.

Some Extreme Weight Loss Methods

  1. Liposuction

Know the extreme weight loss methods people follow

It is the fastest way to lose extra weight and the obese peoples opt for this. This is basically sculpting of the body when fat is sucked through the incisions made on the body and thrown into trash. During the process the patient also loses body fluid as well. This is a special type of surgery and should be done by a reputed surgeon. It takes maximum six weeks for recovery. One can lose substantial amount of fat by this process and can achieve sustainable result with healthy eating. Returning to bad eating habits and lack of exercise expedites return of the body fat.

  1. Stomach stapling

Know the extreme weight loss methods people follow

In this method a pouch is created in the stomach so that it can contain only an ounce of food. This is done for extreme obese people for restricting to eating less. This is a risky surgery and in many cases leads to stomach infection. Unless one is extremely overweight it is better to try other methods.

  1. Applying a tongue patch

Know the extreme weight loss methods people follow

These extreme weight loss methods are based on a medical procedure developed by a plastic surgeon. In this method a stamp size piece of polyethylene mesh is stitched on the tongue of the patient. Due to this patient cannot take any solid food and had to stay on low calories liquid food for four weeks after which the patch is removed. Although, the process renders substantial weight loss in this one month and the people get accustomed to low-calorie diet plan and follow that after removal of the patch. There is a risk of infection and this will not be successful if the patient starts taking high calorie diet when the patch is removed.

  1. Injecting urine

Know the extreme weight loss methods people follow

This is one of the strangest methods of losing weight and involves taking injections of urine every day. Urine contains a hormone human chorionic gonadotropin that influences the brain to thank that the patient is pregnant and helps faster metallization resulting quicker burning of fat and loss in weight.

  1. Getting Nasogastric dripping tube

Know the extreme weight loss methods people follow

This treatment is done for ten day and involves inserting a pipe through the nose and sending it into the stomach. A solution containing mixture of fat, protein and water drips continuously through the tube and into the stomach. During this treatment period the patient does not eat any food other than the solution that triggers ketosis burning fat leaving the lean muscle and body fluid and had to carry the solution always. This entails quick loss in weight.

  1. Appetite oppressing medicines

Know the extreme weight loss methods people follow

This involves taking weight loss pills and most of these are available over the counter. These medicines contain a mixture of herbs and stimulants that help to lose weight fast. Since these may lead to high blood pressure, increased heart beats and addiction it is better to have these in consultation with the doctor.

  1. Doing insulin abuse

Know the extreme weight loss methods people follow

This method of losing weight works best for the people having diabetes. It involves injecting less insulin for staying alive without bringing down the blood sugar to a lower level. In such conditions stored fat is used for getting energy entailing very fast weight loss. This is very dangerous as this can cause other serious problems.

The inherent danger

The problem with the extreme weight loss methods is that this can cause many serious health risks. This may lead to nutritional deficiencies and you may fall short of the vitamins and minerals necessary to stay fit and trim. Further these methods can influence the metabolic rate to such an extent that returning to normal, diet one may face serious gain in weight and therefore it is better to have healthy diet to lose weight.

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