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Eight Weight Loss Tips

Losing weight is simple but rarely easy. The calorific equation of “less food consumed than burned off equals weight loss” greatly underestimates how hard it is in real life to shed unwanted pounds. These tips may help.

1.Lighten the foods you like

It is not easy to simply deny yourself the foods you love and have always eaten. This can be such a big task that it seems impossible, and the whole idea of losing weight is abandoned.

They may still not be especially good for you, but you are making a start, and the key is to see those first pounds start to come off. Once that happens, weight loss can be self-perpetuating because you are excited about what you can achieve and will more readily make a few sacrifices to keep it going.

  1. Exercise your exercise demons

Some advice will suggest you forget about doing any exercise if it puts you off dieting altogether, and if this is really such a stumbling block, then that could be sound advice; better to change your eating habits and not exercise than do nothing at all. However, your best bet is to make peace with the idea of exercise by starting off gently. You do not have to be running a marathon next week for exercise to help in weight loss.

You can walk places more often, go for a bicycle ride with the family, go swimming as a family outing, or go for a night out dancing. You can certainly lose weight without exercising, but you will do so more easily if you get yourself moving.

  1. Think of adding foods, not taking them away

The best foods for weight loss are the natural raw foods such as fruit and vegetables. If all you have in the morning is a coffee, eat a bowl of fruit salad as well. The nutrients will prevent your hunger pangs being so vicious and appearing so soon.

Add salad to your meal plate to fill it out. There will be less room for the less healthy foods, and you should find that these nutrient-packed natural foods make you feel more satisfied for longer.

  1. Find someone to encourage you

Finding someone else who wants to shed some pounds can open up the challenging aspect of weight loss.

This is a great source of moral support when times are tough, and makes the whole process less solitary and less easy to give up on.

  1. Stay in more

The usual advice is to “get out more”, but what we’re talking about here is staying in to eat rather than going out for meals. Although you can choose the options that appear healthier on a menu, they will usually still be more laden with calories than a meal you have carefully prepared yourself. If you do go out to eat, don’t be fooled; remember that salads that are drenched in mayo can be far worse than a plate of fast food.

  1. Buy smaller plates

You’re not going to fool yourself with this, but the temptation with a large dinner plate is to fill it with food.

  1. Stop eating and wait a while

It takes about 20 minutes for the food we eat to register with the hypothalamus in our brains and let us know we’re full. Try stopping when you don’t feel full and waiting twenty minutes. Chances are that you won’t then want to eat anything else.

Continuing to eat until you feel full means you will have eat way too much.8. Stick with excess weight usually creeps on, so the best way to lose it is to creep it off. Don’t expect to drop a size in a few days.Dieting that can make this happen is unsustainable and will only lead to it all piling back when you start eating “normally” again.

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