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Advantages of weight loss exercise routine

All work and no play surely does make Jack a very lethargic and fat boy. Especially in today’s sedentary lifestyle it becomes very difficult to manage those few extra moments to keep oneself fit. There are enough leads on the internet itself which can help you devise your own ideal weight loss exercise schedule that will ensure that you stay in shape forever. There is no magic potion to lose weight fast and following your weight loss exercise routine honestly is a must.

Advantages of weight loss exercise routine

What to look for while planning a routine

Well, creating that tailor made weight loss exercise schedule is not rocket science but surely needs some wise judgments on your part. Not everybody has the same body type and accordingly will need a different set of weight loss exercises to help you burn those stubborn calories. If you seek professional help your job becomes quite easy, you only have to go through a few tests and reciprocate honestly about the feedback.

The different body types are ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph and a little knowledge about the kind of metabolism these have will be helpful.

  • Ectomorphs are characterized as thin with very little muscle and fat. They have quite a metabolism rate and it I in fact very tedious for them to put on any weight or muscle.
  • Characterized by rounded, bulky bodies, endomorphs are ideally the opposite of the former kind. Aiming to lose weight, the weight loss exercises have to be designed pretty stringently.
  • Mesomorphs are blessed when it comes to losing weight and maintaining shape. A lot of lean muscle and interspersed fat makes this body type a winner in gyming terms.

However, you should remember that being born into a particular body type doesn’t fix it for the rest of your life. The journey may be really taxing but it isn’t final. To exemplify things, if you are an ectomorph, a lot of training and a balanced diet can transform you into a mesomorph. The thumb rule is honesty to yourself and the work out.

Advantages of weight loss exercise routine

Few tips for designing your weight loss exercise routine

  • It is important that you know the thresholds of your body and accordingly talk with your trainer to set your limits.
  • To lose weight fast it is seen that alternating between aerobic exercises and highly taxing anaerobic modules does the trick.
  • Again, owning to some basic differences in body types, weight loss exercise routine for men and women should vary in terms of duration and stringency of activities.
  • While dealing with ectomorphs, patience is the first virtue you must have! Due to their musculature and slow responsiveness to gaining muscle, they can’t be given too many weight based exercise.
  • Overtraining can be a big problem with this body type and while designing their weight loss exercise routine care must be taken that it is kept under the 60 minutes cap.
  • Having a few sets of aerobic exercises and alternating them can be a real boost for people under this body type because it is very time consuming to get results. The same leap often makes it boring.
  • Endomorphs can gin muscle quite easily but the loop hole is that fat gin often accompanies in great bounds. Having a low endurance, aerobic activities are not their best forte.
  • Weight training is easy for them and the intensity with which you can do it is also quite high. The problem of overtraining is a little less worrying for endomorphs.
  • Your aim should be cutting that fat out while keeping your muscles intact. A high intensity interval training or HIIT is your mantra in designing the perfect weight loss exercise routine.
  • The mesomorphs, all thanks their moderate body type qualify as the best type to work on, their innately are quite sporty and can endure long and intensive weight or stress training.
  • Not only can they stress their muscles out, their recovery systems are also the best among the three types that allow long stretches of intense workouts without the worry of overtraining syndrome.
  • While designing weight loss exercise routine for men and women for this body type, one must incorporate a lot of weight techniques, preferably on a cycle with other exercises,

Advantages of weight loss exercise routine

The rules are many and it is a mistake to expect that you can memorize everything right away. Working out should come to you naturally and should not be something that is forced onto you. Warming up is a very important factor and shouldn’t be taken lightly at all. So, get inspired and hit the treadmill hard!

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