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7 day meal plans to lose weight considerably

With gradual increase of overweight and obese people across the states everyone is now considering how to lose weight because of the wrong notion that dieting leads to starvation. This totally wrong no meal plan under the Sun asks to skip meals. The basic principle of losing weight is to consume fewer calories than one can burn out through the daily exercises and activities and the meal plans to lose weight centers around controlling the calorie intake for achieving sustainable weight loss.

Here are the delicious meal plans to lose weight based on around 1200 calories intake

meal plans to lose weight

Day One

The first day of Low calorie diet to lose weight should start with a healthy breakfast containing one cup bran flakes, one cup of fat-free milk and one banana.

The lunch should contain one mini whole-wheat pita, three ounces of turkey breast, one teaspoon light mayonnaise, lettuce and two kiwifruits. The dinner should be with four ounces of broiled flounder, two slices of plum tomatoes, one cup steamed broccoli, and a cup of fat free pudding. And for the snacks you can have quarter cup of yogurt or sliced cucumber.

Day Two

On the second day of following meal plans to lose weight you should take a glass of smoothies made from one cup of frozen berries, half banana and eight ounces fat-free milk.

The lunch should be vegetable based with a cup of vegetable soup, one veggie burger with lettuce, six ounces of light yogurt and two cups of grapes. For dinner you can have four ounces of boneless chicken breast roasted with barbecue sauce and grill, and half cup baked beans. And for the morning and afternoon snacks you should eat five dried apricots or half cup sliced cucumber.

Day Three

Your breakfast on the third day of following Low calorie meal plans should include half cup of oats, three-quarter cup of fat-free milk, half apple and one teaspoon of organic honey.

In lunch you can go for chicken salad containing four ounces of chicken breast, quarter cup of slice red grapes and one tablespoon light mayonnaise and a banana. For dinner you can have four ounces of steamed shrimp, one baked potato and three cups of stemmed spinach. And for the snacks take half cup of sliced cucumber or apple.

Day Four

Have breakfast with half toasted English muffin, half of an apple one ounce of low-fat cheese all baked in an oven and sprinkled with six ounces of light yogurt.

In lunch you can have a cup of tomato soup, one sandwich made of mini pita and three slices of roasted beef with lettuce, one cup of raw vegetables and one pear and finish your dinner with three ounces of poached salmon, one cup of boiled brown rice and half cup of pineapple slices and take half cup of yogurt or cucumber for the snacks.

Day Five

When you are planning meals for losing weight you can have breakfast made up of one cup of Cheerios, half cup of berries, one tablespoon slivered almonds and eight ounces of fat-free milk.

Your lunch should contain quarter cup of fat-free beans on one small tortilla sprinkled with one ounce of low fat cheese and half cup cucumber pieces. In dinner have three ounces of pork tenderloin with green salad and fat free dressing and take half cup of yogurt with a cup of berries. In morning and afternoon snacks take one carrot or three dried apricots.

Day Six

The breakfast of the sixth day of meal plans to lose weight can include one toasted waffle, spread with one tablespoon of peanut butter and dressed with half banana previously sliced, eight ounces of fat-free milk.



Lunch can include one pita, two ounces of light tuna with one tablespoon light mayonnaise, and topped with cucumber and onion slices, ten baby carrots and six ounces of yogurt. In dinner have half cup of boiled brown rice, half cup corn, tow ounces of sliced turkey sausage, quarter cup canned beans, two cups of steamed spinach and half apple. Have one cup yogurt or a cup of sliced cucumber as snacks

Day Seven

This is the last day of following meal plans to lose weight. Your breakfast can contain half English muffin with low fat cheese, tomato slices half cup of steamed spinach and one poached egg.

For lunch have baked bean salad made of half cup black beans, half cup bell peppers, one cup green salad and one pear. Dinner should be simple with three ounces of green flanked steak, one baked sweet potato and half cup of pineapple slices. Snack with five pieces of dried apricot or one cup of sliced cucumber.

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